We are an authorised partner of cTrader. With our vast experience with trading platforms we are here to support your needs to get set up with the suite of software from Spotware including cBroker and cTrader.

  1. cBroker Server: full initial installation and deployment
    • Setting up of admin/manager ids and onboarding of WL clients 
    • Setting up of groups, securities and symbols for traders within a WL and for new WLs as well and ensuring optimum usage
    • Setting up of rebates for each group and security keeping in mind the type of symbol and also the value of the pip for each symbol to ensure that payouts are within range and also alerting the client about any such issues in the allocation of rebates to ensure maximum profitability to the client.
    • Setting up of spreads for each group and each symbol keeping in mind the rebates that are paid out and ensuring that client profitability is not affected and raising any alarm with regard to the same.
  2. Existing server migration
    • Transferring of open positions, trading history, account information, symbol configuration, and group settings among different servers.
  3. Server management, including configuration, plug-ins, data feed install and upgrade

We keep in close contact with our clients and let them know of any potential issues

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