Launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange and allow your customers to trade Cryptocurrencies.

  • XX Transactions per Second (Is there a figure we can give?)
  • User Friendly interface
  • Top Grade Security
  • Scalable Solution

We deliver reliable, customizable professional Cryptocurrency Exchanges to suit your business needs.

We can deliver user friendly end to end, full stack solutions, irrespective of the size of your venture.

Our team of passionate and skilled developers have built the best Cryptocurrency Exchange software with high performance trading and top-level security.

  • Admin Panel – Giving you control of the whole system with real time reporting
  • Top Level Security – to protect you and your clients from a wide range of threats
  • Two Factor Authentication – providing a higher level of security for the users and your business
  • High Performance Trade Engine – capable of >>????
  • UX/UI – custom design with your corporate branding
  • Funds Management – ability to manage FIAT and multiple Cryptocurrencies from the one wallet
  • Spot trading – allowing Fiat -to -Crypto and Crypt-to-Crypto
  • User Verification – simplified registration with integrated with the latest Industry KYC and AML solutions
  • In built Referral Program – built for growth, your exchange comes with automated program to help increase the number of users of your platform.
  • High Liquidity – Hybrid Exchange model provides the best of both worlds. Peer to peer trading as well as integration with top liquidity providers
  • Integrated Charting – allowing your traders to analyze the markets based on your price feed
  • Advanced Order types – a range of order types to suit any trader to gain entry to the market or set where they want to exit the market.
  • SEO Friendly – Be competitive and relevant with Google
  • 24/7 support – around the clock support
  • Low Transaction costs – gives you the flexibility to set the pricing you want
  • Competitive Spreads – allowing you to be competitive in the global market
  • Email Interface -enables you to integrate external mail services such as MailChimp into the exchange software
  • Scalable solution – the system is designed for growth
  • Full Maintenance and support – we set up, host and maintain your exchange, no technical knowledge required
  • They can conveniently trade from any device – whether your clients want to trade on web, Andriod or iOS
  • Escrow solution – for funds traceability

Get in touch with us now for a custom Cryptocurrency Trading Platform catered to your commercial needs.

Why Choose Thrive for your Cryptocurrency Exchange solution?

  • Competitive pricing – a low cost solution which will give you a head start in the market
  • Great trading experience for your clients – reliable and sophisticated solution which your clients will love.
  • Continued product development – meaning your product will continue to get better
  • Top Level Security
    • Cold, warm and hard storage options
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Anti-Phishing Code
    • CSRF & SSRF Protection
    • Elliptic-curve cryptography Wallet
    • DDoS protection, X-XSS-Protection
    • HTTP Public Key Pinning CSP Protection
    • Secured wallets
    • Encrypted data
    • Jail login
    • Source code encryption
    • User data separation
    • Scalability
    • GeoIP
High Level System Stability |Scalable Technology | Intuitive User Interface | Mobile friendly design | Low latency, high speed solution | High level technology
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